An Integrated Project Funded by the European Commission under the Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems Thematic Priority Area.
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Contract Number: 018320
Project Cordinator: Dr. Theo van den Hoven KIWA Water Research
Project Duration: 1st January 2006 to 31st December 2010

Workarea 1 - Rethink the system



D 1.1.1

Trend Report
Report on trends in South Africa / Sub-Sahara Africa
Matrix of Factors

D 1.1.2

Trend Report
Report on trends in Water stressed regions

D 1.1.3

Trend Report
Report on trends in Eastern European countries (Example of the Baltic states)

D 1.1.4

Trend Report
Report on trends in Southern European countries (case of Portugal)

D 1.1.5b

Trend Report
Report on trends in Central Europe (Germany / Switzerland)

D 1.1.6a

Spain, a TECHNEAU case study - phase I
Climate Change

D 1.1.6b

Spain, a TECHNEAU case study - phase II
Climate Change

D 1.1.6c

Long term effects of climate change on Europe's water resources
Case study Romania

D 1.1.7

Global trends affecting the water cycle
Winds of change in the water world

D 1.1.9

Trend Report
Report on trends regarding future risks
Executive sumary

D 1.1.11

Organisation and Financing Models of the Drinking Water Sector
Review of available Information on Trends and Changes
Executive summary

D 1.1.12

Report on Consumer Trends
Cross-cutting issues across Europe

D 1.1.13

Existing Foresight Studies
A literature review

D 1.1.14

Trend Report
The Netherlands

D 1.2.1

Adaptive Strategies
Integrated Approach and Flexibility under recognition of Local Conditions

D 1.3.1

Case Study Report Sub-Saharan Africa
Final report on assessing validity of adaptive strategies for Sub-Sahara Africa

D 1.3.2

Case Study Report Baltic States
Report on development of adaptive strategies for in the Baltic States: an example of Latvia

D 1.3.3

Case Study Report Brabant Water
A report on case flexibility enhancing adaptations

D 1.3.4

Case Study Report Cyprus
Flexibility in coping with water stress and integration of different measures

D 1.3.5

Case Study Report Barcelona
Strategies for addressing water shortages

D 1.3.6

Report on integration in WA7
Report on integration of adaptive strategies in WA7