An Integrated Project Funded by the European Commission under the Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems Thematic Priority Area.
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Contract Number: 018320
Project Cordinator: Dr. Theo van den Hoven KIWA Water Research
Project Duration: 1st January 2006 to 31st December 2010

17-19 June 2009 TECHNEAU Conference

Safe Drinking Water from Source to Tap

State-of-the-Art and Perspectives

The TECHNEAU Conference on 'Safe Drinking Water From Source to Tap - State-of-the-Art and Perspectives' was held June 17 - 19 , 2009, in Maastricht, the Netherlands at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.


The conference provided a leading podium for professionals concerned with drinking water challenges and adaptive strategies. TECHNEAU, in cooperation with other research programmes in Europe and beyond, presented state-of-the art and breakthroughs on water treatment technologies, sensors and monitoring and water systems simulation and operations. The conference also addressed small scale systems, risk assessment and risk management and consumer issues. Special attention was given to the implementation of research outcomes in practice. Workshops and field trips allowed participants to contribute actively. One of the workshops served to shape the WSSTP research agenda on water treatment technologies.


A detailed summarized overview of the conference is available for download.


Conference Summary