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Sex and Marriage

There is a common joke in sitcoms that suggests that people stop having sex once they are married. Well here are some tips and tricks for keeping the fun alive and the sparks flying.

How To Masturbate For Women

It is more and more common nowadays for women to masturbate. The methods and techniques for how to masturbate may require some experimentation, but here is a quick guide for where to start.

How Experience Makes You A Better Lover

Can experience really add anything but cobwebs to a persons ability in bed? Find out how experience can make you a better lover.

Wide Open Spaces: Sex In the Outdoors

Have you ever thought about having sex outside? Here are some tips and tricks that you should consider when pursuing nookie in the outdoors.

Take Your Climax Up a Level

If your love life making excitement has plateaued or God forbid gotten stale, these tips might just be what you and your partner need. Try taking your climax up to the next level with this simple advice.

Popular Places to Have Sex

The world is filled with great places to use as backdrops for your sexual endeavors. So here is a list of popular places to have sex that will give you a great sense of excitement.

How To Make Her Come Hard

Most guys like to brag about their sexual prowess. But sex is not rocket science which means you can be as good as any self-proclaimed sex experts.