Best Friends Pt 1

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Best Friends Pt 1

I had been friends with Nicole since the beginning of the school year. We were very close yet I didn?t think of her as someone I could do. When I think about her now, hot body, normal sized tits, and what an ass. 

She was going out with this boy [Chris] for awhile. I was playing the field at the time, you know flirting here and there, but nothing too serious. How I remember it she had gotten in a big fight with her boyfriend and naturally the first person she came to was me. She showed up at my house with tears in her eyes and I let her in. I really didn?t know what the fight was about but I know its was some shit Chris had done. Well, while she was telling me what happened I was looking at her, thinking what the hell does this kid Chris do for her, she deserves better than him. Then the thought came to me, she should be with me. 

All of a sudden she started crying on my shoulder and I was thinking now its my time to take action. I gently lifted her off my shoulder looked into her eyes and said ? Nicole don?t stress yourself out with this guy, he?s just gonna end up treating you like crap, you deserve better than that? after I said that she said ?Where am I gonna find a person like that?. I responded quickly by saying ? He?s been right in front of you all along?. Then there was a pause and I was thinking, why did I say that, oh man why did I do that. Then out of nowhere she kisses me. It was one of those kisses where you wouldn?t breathe for the longest and you really didn?t care.

The next day she broke up with Chris and we started seeing each other. I gotta say, I heard people say that starting a relationship with a friend is not a good idea, well all I have to say to that is yeah xxx right. It was like we were made for each other, we barley got into fights, and if we did that same day one of us would apologize. We were seeing each other for a long time now and really didn?t do anything sexual. I thought it was time to take it to the next level. 

A couple of days later she called me and told me her roommate was gonna go out for the weekend. She invited me over for the weekend, I say this as the perfect time to take the next step. When I came to her apartment that night she was wearing one of my t-shirts I had left there, I wasn?t sure if she was wearing panties or not but I was determined to find out. That night she had rented some of those damn chick flicks, I always sit through them to make her happy and tonight was no exception. She popped the DVD into the player and for the split second I saw her bend over I saw porn videos download her perfectly round ass, the way she stood up was playful yet sexy at the same time. 

The movie started playing and she laid down on my chest and she curled up against me. After like 20 minutes of that boring /movies/ass-movie/">ass movie I started to make advances. A couple of minutes after that I started to work my hands down her back toward her pussy. When I reached her pussy I discovered that it was dripping wet, I started to finger her pussy. With every stroke she would gently moan. After a while of fingering her I leaned over and whispered into her ear, ?Lets go to your now? without a reply she got up sat on my lap and started to kiss me. After the kiss I took off her t-shirt and started sucking on her tits, then we both got up and moved into her room. 

We both collapsed onto her bed and started kissing. I started to take off my clothes, when I was about to put the condom on my cock, she crawled over and told me ?I want you to /raw/raw-fuck/fuck-me-raw/">fuck me raw?. Then she started to suck on my cock, I was shocked at what she had said and what she was doing to my cock. I was rock hard and wanted to fuck Nicole in every hole and intended to. She started going at my cock like an animal, at that moment precum was oozing from the head of my 10 inch cock. I gently pushed her onto her back and then put my head between her legs and started to eat her out. I started licking her clit, which was making her moan. I removed my face from between her legs and licked my finger and wiped her pussy juices onto my finger. I took my finger and pushed it up her /asshole/">asshole, and then continued to eat her out. 

After feeding me her juicy pussy for the longest, she told me ?Fuck me in the pussy now!?. After hearing that I took my finger from her asshole, and my face from her pussy and then mounted her. I got on top of her and plunged my dick into her pussy. I started with a gentle fucking rhythm and then proceeded to fuck her brains out. Now I was banging her so hard that she was yelping with pain and pleasure at the same time. I was about to blow my load so Ipulled my cock out of her pussy and sat down for a moment and told her ?Jump on?. She climbed onto my cock and I held it steady and guided my cock into her asshole. 

As soon as my cock entered her asshole she started to jump on my dick, I would thrust my cock as soon as she jumped up. We soon found a fucking rhythm and were going at it like /crazy/">crazy. I felt my cum starting to squirt out of my cock so I quickly took out my cock and she turned around and I fed her my warm juicy cum. After we had finished getting dressed she told me if I found her roommate attractive. I was always honest with her and wasn?t about to lie now so I told her ?Yeah, why??. She said ?I want to do something for your birthday!?. I asked her ?what you gonna do and she said it?s a /surprise/">surprise!?