dte night 2

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dte night 2

 it had been about a year since our first date night, and we were both getting worked up about trying it again. she had this night for next weekend. the anticipation of the night was killing me, and finally it arrived. once again we met at the bar. she was wearing a short skirt and a purple top that accentuated her shoulders and /tits/large-tits/">large tits. I could tell she wasnt wearing a bra. she had a guy on the hook already. I could see he had a hand on her leg. I sent her a text asking if she was having a good time. she sent back a note that said yessssssss! i watched him work on her indian santali xvideo for about an hour, then when he got up to take a piss, I slid onn down and talked to her.

I asked her to dance and as we made our way onto the floor, he showed up and looked all pissed off because, i snuck in. She rubbed hard and fast into telling me all sorts of nasty things, she wanted me to do to her. I could see her hard nipples poking through her shirt, even though it must have been ninety degrees out there on the dance floor. i spun her around and began to grind my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into her ass. i saw him staring at us so i smiled and ran my hands up and over her tits, she moaned in delight and reached back and grabbed my cock. I told her to invite him out and we could tag her on the dance floor. She moaned again and motioned him out, he was a little hesitant but it didnt stop him. he came up and started grinding into her body. Her body quivered between us. she turned around into me and pulled him into her He slid his hands up over her shirt and squeezed her tits. her tongue, nearly choked me as he pinched and her hard pink nipples.

we danced and danced out there only taking breaks for more beer and bathroom breaks. Finally the bar called out for the last call. I asked her what he wanted to do, and she smiled and said there is a hotel across the street. I agreed and we went to get a room. she got his number and told him we would call him in a bit to continue the /party/">party. we got the room and she sent him a text with the room number. A short time later he knocked at the door, she let him in and excused herself to the bathroom, we made small talk, and he told me that he was a contractor for a home builder in the area.

which i should of realized as my first clue that something wasnt right, but i was to drunk and horny to care about. She walked out of the bathroom completely naked, her body moved with such grace as her eyes roared with /raw/">raw lust. I looked at her with my jaw dropped and she said, who are we kidding we all know what were here for, and i cant wait anymore. she looked at us both and said get naked I wanna see your huge hard cocks! she climbed up on the bed and motioned up. she grabbed each or our cocks and began stroking them.
He went down and started sucking on her tits, while my fingers made their way to her hot /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. I had never seen her so turned on. Her body convulsed as we sucked and fingered her. she pushed us off and then got down on her hands and knees. she pulled me towards her mouth taking my cock in her mouth and down her throat. he moved in behind her and spread her legs slightly then he entered her pussy! she moaned then pushed back into him. I couldnt tell if if he was fucking her or she was fucking him. I fucked her mouth hard making her gag as she moaned! then i took a step back and told him to flip her over.

he stood at the side of the bed and pulled her onto his hard cock, he pounded her hard, her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits bounced back and forth as he fucked her. She reached alain lyle porn up for my cock and I pushed her hand away, I wanted too watch her get fucked, plus i had my own plan on what was gonna happen next. He soon tired of ramming hard into and with each thrust he lost a little momentum. as he slowed down i made my move, I walked up to her and began kissing her then worked my way down. then i raised one leg over her head so i was stratiling her face. I lowered my cock into her mouth and pumped it a few times. then i pushed her breasts together and slid my cock in between them. i told him to keep fucking her while I fucked her tits. she screamed with delight and then I grabbed her hair and pulled her face into my ass, she licked my ass as if it were an ice cream cone.

I had been trying to get her to do this for years, and finally!! the rest of the night was a cum filled suck and fuck fest that i really dont remember that well. The real clencher of the whole night was what I found out later. a couple of weeks later she got a text from the guy thanking her for the incredible night. I wanted to see what he said so i took a peek at her phone and seen there were a few messages from him. So i got online and looked at our bill and his number showed up a lot. I was starting to get pissed then i seen his number on the bill dating back before the night in question. I then did a reverse phone number look up on the internet and found out his address. The next morning I got up early and went to his house. I saw him leave for work and kiss his wife and kids good bye, and then i tailed him all the way to work, which just happened to be where my wife works. I couldnt believe it!

I had been tricked, and the worst part is all she would have had to done is ask me, and I would have gladly done it. So know i had to act. I sent my wife some texts getting her all horned up so she would send me some naked pics. it worked like a charm. then later that night, i stole her phone and sent him some texts asking him to send a naked pic and she would reply min kind. he sent them almost imediately, and I reciprocated well i sent him a pic of me and said sorry, I hope you had fun! I now all about it and no have a nice pic of you, and im sure your wife wouldnt be to thrilled about it!

So i suggest you leave my wife alone and never tell her what happened ,or I will let your wife see the pic and the texts you sent. then i said if you had just asked we could of had a blast! Anyway I found out through some friends at her work that he turned in his two week notice and no one has heard from him since.