Me and Selene

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Me and Selene

First off, I'm 18 and and Selene is 19, and I've used aliases to disguise our identities even though I have permission to do this. I'm not exactly tall, about 5ft4/5" Selene is a little bit taller than me. I've been good to her, at a /party/">party she drank for the /first-time/">first time and wasn't a very good drinker, but I took care of her and made sure she didn't hurt herself. But this is about another party, where I was drinking and she wasn't. It was a costume party and I went as Pan the Greek God.

Selene isn't flat chested but I'd say she's a C-cup at best, with her thin body. But her ass is /adorable/">adorable and I just want to squeeze it but I control myself. She has brown hair and a little face that constantly blushes. That night she was dressed in a white dress, as Selene the moon goddess and a common ship in Greek Myth is Selan, or Pan&Selene. Her face was done up and she had dark lipstick on that gave her a sexy /goth/goth-girl/">goth girl look.

I was drinking and I think maybe she had a what was left of my Honeybee Rum, which was barely a teaspoon; she was fine. We talked and as the alcohol effect Selene she began to sway to the music and pulled me into the dance too. We got close, our bodies moving against each other and I felt her press herself against my bear chest. She licked my earlobe teasingly, biting down on it with a soft growl.

We raced upstairs laughing and opened a room, which was empty, we entered grappling with each other. I sat down and Selene straddled me letting me squeeze that bubbly little butt of hers. She kissed me hard and our tongues entwined like grape vines, her saliva was a wine that drove me to passion. Even my drunk mind noticed that she was without panties, and so for this naughty behavior I was forced to spank her. Her kisses became wild, angry and her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy pressed angrily against my leg. I squeezed her breasts and she let out a clear moan of hot young lust, she looked at me and gasped.

"Get me naked now!"

I ripped off her dress, grabbing parts with my teeth and laughing throatily as my lover was exposed to me. She ran her fingers through my hairy chest, gasping, whimpering and moaning as I spanked her, squeezing her breasts playfully. All Selene wore now was a pair of white tights that made her look so hot I wanted to take her at that moment. But I held back letting the anticipation grow inside her until she was exploding. Her hand attacked my trousers pulling out my hard 8" cock. Selene looked up at my and asked naughtily.

"Is this how you compensate for your height?"

From the wreckage of her dress she pulled a condom which she struggled to stretch over my cock, clearly she'd expected something smaller. Then I attacked her, thrusting my cock into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and making her gasp painfully. Within minutes she was moaning again and screaming my name and Pan's which was strange and interesting too. She found it too painful to be milf porn videos fucked as quickly as I did, so I slowed down and as her body blowjob porn videos was driven nearer to a orgasm I sped up. Her body was a little bit small for a /cock/large-cock/">large cock and her pussy was tight, she came quite quickly and only took twenty five minutes to be satisfied by me.

Grunting with effort she pulled herself off and turned removing my condom which she threw away, sucking on my cock. Clearly there was some pre-cum and the taste encouraged her to take more and more of my cock into her mouth, her makeup was ruined and got worse as she bobbed up and down, licking the head of my cock in circle motions. I grunted and moaned, unaware of my horns (from my costume) that put a rather sinister look on all of this. As I came into her pretty little mouth, exploding with cum that flew over her tits, face, hair and hit her tongue and throat.

Since then Selene has been a Pagan like me, and now our children are too.