Nicoles Needs

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Nicoles Needs

Nicole was desperate for food right now, as she had taken her insulin, and she had not had anything to eat for a while. She had been doing her housework, and getting rather tired, so that added to her weakness. Where was the food when she needed it? She had searched the fridge and the cupboards, but nothing that would give her the necessary rise in her blood sugar was present. The carbohyrdrates were nowhere to be found when she needed them.

Damn that Rob, she thought- he was stoned again, she was sure, and must have had the "munchies" as a result. Her husband's pot habit had been amusing for a while, and she had even shared it to an extent, but she was a diabetic now, and could ill afford the kind of appetite people acquired with marijuana use. Now, however, he threatened to eat them all out of house and home, and his gluttony was just the most immediate problem.

He was neglecting her completely, it seemed, to the point that he would rebuff her advances when she wanted sex, no- she needed sex! Nicole had never denied her husband sexual pleasure, never resented him for masturbating, and had even discussed the possibility of swinging with him, which had been helping excite both of them, and really rejuvenating their marriage. 

So everything had been fine, until her husband's boss Miles had gotten him involved in heavy, regular marijuana smoking, to the point that it took up his every free hour. He was addicted to the stuff, and she was suffering in several ways from his obsession with dope.

What's more, he was impotent the last time that they had tried to fuck, and when she had suggested medication to help him, he had lost it. He just screamed at her, in one of his paranoid moods, even though she had been polite and tactful in her approach. Nothing that she did interested him anymore, and she was really worried that he might not impregnate her- or she had been, anyway.

Now, however, she was starting to think of divorce as a very real probability, as she could not wait for her hubby to get his act together and fuck her again. She was frustrated in several ways, and now fully understood men's worries about marriage, in a way that she had never known before- some spouses really did fail to put out! Rob had never refused her before he became a pothead, so she had always dismissed such fears as panic or paranoia, but now they seemed more realistic.

All of this thinking free porn movies download about her situation was making matters worse, exacerbating her headache, and now she was shaking, her body was breaking out into a cold sweat, and she was feeling dizzy. Nausea began to set in, and she feared that she might go into a diabetic coma. Oh, why couldn't Rob be here, to bring her some food- it was an emergency, and she would do the same thing for him.

Meanwhile, Roger Lamont, a locksmith whose wife had recently left him for her boss, was watching the lovely Nicole in her kitchen, and at first, he had the same reaction as usual- he was aroused in the extreme. He began masturbating, getting himself off rather well, as he saw her long slender form, her stylish clothes, and her dyed blonde hair. She was a married woman, he knew that fact, but he couldn't help but get turned on by such a babe. 

Oh God, he thought, as he saw that /sweet/">sweet, wonderful lady bend over through the window, and he got an excellent view of her delectable posterior. His 7 inch cock was getting harder and stiffer by the minute, and he could not keep his hands off it, or his eyes off the delicious-looking girl next door.

Suddenly, however, he realized that she wasn't behaving normally. She seemed to descend to the floor in a rapid drop, and she seemed woozy as she did so. Oh, by Jove, he understood at last- she was fainting!
The poor woman was dying, it seemed, and he had to rescue her. Moving swiftly toward the window, he unlocked it as soon as he could, and went through it, forgetting in his haste that he was in the nude.

He then applied his skills to her window, and she looked up in her groggy state to see a naked man moving toward her. At first, she thought that she was hallucinating, but he was very real when he stood above her, leaning over her to ask her what was wrong.

"Mrs. Sims? Are you alright? Do you need something?"

"Roger Lamont? What are you doing here- oh wait, you saw me fainting, and you decided to help me?"

"Yes, Mrs. Sims- now, what do you need?"

"Food, milk, juice- anything with sugar! I am a diabetic, and I am going into shock!"

"I'm sorry, ma'am- isn't there any food in the kitchen?"

"No, Rob ate it all! He's a pothead! I need food- I need glucose!"

Roger now remembered something, but he wasn't sure the factoid in the men's magazine was right. Oh, well, this was a time for experiments, if any! 

"Mrs. Sims- I don't want you to panic, but I'm going to feed you my semen- full hd xvideo download it's the only thing I have on hand, and it's supposed to have fiber, which means that it should have sugar. Okay?"

"Ok- I don't care- just give me something- anything!"

Roger found it hard to jerk off in front of a sick and faint woman, but he had no alternative. He mechanically manipulated his manhood, stroking himself as quickly and urgently as possible. Finally, he came, and he put his dick to her mouth as he did so, spilling his cum into her throat. Now, he was going to find out if it worked- he had to try, because her life was at stake.

The fluid began pouring down her throat, so much thicker and richer than Rob's, and she felt for a second like she would gag, but it soon hit the spot, and the carbs, sure enough, began to reach her upper digestive tract, with the sugar now going to her blood cells. It began, steadily, to revive her, reanimating her depleted body, and she finally felt a rush of energy that got her back from semi-consciousness. 

Nicole looked at her neighbor, still buck naked, as he smiled to see that his efforts had worked. He had saved her life, she was sure of that, because, without his intervention, she would have suffered total systemic failure after a while. She knew that he was a voyeur, but now his fetish had benefitted her as well as him, and she could not help but feel flattered at his attention anyway. She had been showing off for him for some time now, as it was a rare pleasure for her to get to turn a man on.

"Mrs. Sims, I see that you're better now. I think that I should explain something- I just had to watch you, because you're such a fox, and I've not been laid since my wife left me. Anyway, I know that you might be offended at what I've done-", he got that far before she put her index finger to his lips.