Dan And The Deadbeat

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Dan And The Deadbeat

Dan and Vicki had only been married for 4 and a half years when they attended what would turn out to the most significant /party/office-party/">office party they ever experienced. This was before Dan made his fortune, and both of them were rich enough to retire young. He was already prospering, but the millions had not quite rolled in. 

Vicki was working at a medical office, where she did mostly boring, clerical work, when one of her co-workers caught her eye. His name was Larry, and he seemed to return the interest. Since she had an open marriage with Dan, permitting both of them as many lovers as they wished, she felt free to flirt with him and consider him as a potential sex partner. So, on that night, with plenty of alcoholic punch in her system to help her with confidence, she approached Larry to proposition him. Since he really wanted to fuck Vicki, but had been deterred by her marital status, he was pleasantly surprised and a little concerned.

"What happens if Dan finds out?", he asked her. She smiled and laughed at his question, saying, "There is no 'if' involved here; he will find out, because I will tell him, just as I do about all of my flings. Dan and I are swingers, so neither of us objects if the other gets it on with someone else. We just accept that it's a 2-way street, and we inform each other of our affairs, since it may lead to even more fun. There is no reason that I know of why Dan would get upset if you fucked me tonight. So, Larry, do you want to screw a married woman?"

Larry grinned, realizing that his fantasy of banging Vicki was going to come true. "Where do ya want to do it, Vick?" She snickered, then told him, "Right on my desk, with the work stuff cleared away for us- it will be great to bang one of the hunkiest men I've ever seen. I'll bet that you have a nice, /cock/big-cock/">big cock, don't you?" 

Larry's face flushed, telling her that she was right and he was embarrassed at its length. That kind of feminine attention was lacking from Larry's life lately, because his lovely wife Helen simply wouldn't fuck him anymore, souring Larry on the idea of marriage, but not leaving him with too many options. His considerable cock was going wasted- until tonight. Here, this /sweet/">sweet, sexy, married woman who had flirted with him over the past few months was now ready to act out her apparent desire for him. 

He followed her to the cubicles, where she removed the office supplies, hiked up her skirt, spread her legs, and lay down on the desk without any panties. She was offering him her cunt without any strings attached- just plain, simple, animal sex. He dropped his pants instantly, went over to her, lifted her legs, and entered her for a wild quickie. She gasped for a second, then she began to obviously enjoy it, as he pushed in and pulled out of her, making her /crazy/">crazy with her arousal. 

He fucked her furiously for about ten minutes, getting her hotter than the Sun, and she was clearly getting off on the fast-paced, rutting sex she was having with him. There were no condoms used, and he only came once, at the very end of the session, but he could actually say now that he had cuckolded a man. It was a great boast for any man of his class, since he was not rich enough to land that many babes, married or otherwise. When he was done, she pulled down her skirt, put everything on her desk back where it was, and returned to the main area with his cum inside her cunt, evidently satisfied that he had finally balled her. She even waved and blew a kiss as she left the cubicle. 

A week later, Vicki's period failed to come on schedule, and she had little doubt that she was pregnant. There was never a problem with her menstrual cycles, so if she was ever late, she knew that it mean conception. Since the timing was close to the party, and Larry had not used protection when he had fucked her, she reasoned that he could very well be the daddy. Of course, Dan was as likely a candidate, but that night he had shagged another girl in the copier room (cliche, but fun for precisely that reason), and had used Vicki's ass, but not her pussy, when they got home.

The matter was important to all 3 of them, since Larry was still afraid to tell his wife that he had cheated on her (though she could have done little more to hurt him after witholding sex), Dan would presumably not want to pay another man's bill, and Vicki would need someone to help her raise this child. Vicki, as a rule, did not lie to Dan, so she would have to tell him that the kid was probably not his, but she was a little worried about how Larry would take it.

As it turned out, her fears were justified. Larry reacted like a jerk, telling her, "Oh, come on, Vick, I know that you are a cock-lover, so how do I know that you are not carrying Dan's baby? What makes you assume that it's mine. I withdrew, didn't I?" "Yes, you pulled out, but not in time to avoid spilling most of your sperm in my vagina. There was plenty of it inside me, and it doesn't take much to impregnate a girl.", she informed him. "Well, I am damned sure that it's not my brat, OK, bitch?", he answered angrily.

Since Larry had never spoken this way to Vicki before, she was shocked that he did. How could he call her a "bitch", when all she was doing was asking him to take responsibility for his own child, and, worse still, why did he refer to her baby, his own baby, their baby, as a "brat"?

old waman xxxgx She responded this time with anger of her own, "Larry, I am not a bitch, and my husband can testify to that fact, but I am a person, and I do want some respect and consideration! What's more, this is your child, so what's the problem? Why won't you, who have complained about being childless all of this time, admit that you got me pregnant? Is it your wife- are you afraid of her? Grow up, be a real man like my husband, stand up to your cruel wife, acknowledge your own kid, and provide for it the way any good man would!"

Larry was actually scared of Vicki for a second, but he quickly recovered, since she was only speaking in anger, and would probably revert to her old, sweet self shortly. He was very afraid of Dan, however, so he didn't say much more for a while. He still refused to accept his paternity, but he did not lash out at Vicki again.

When Dan heard what Larry had done, he really did lose his temper for once. "That rotten, filthy, hypocritical SOB! How does he get the nerve, first to deny his paternity so unconditionally, and then, to speak to you that way- you, of all people, a sweet, submissive lady, who only wanted him to act like a man!" Dan was about to kill Larry for a second, but he calmed down after Vicki kissed him to indicate her gratitude that he believed her side, and that he was clearly enraged for her sake. She was a real submissive, like he said, but she knew how to affect his moods with a little feminine sweetness.

That did not mean that he would not confront Larry, however, and the next day, just as the asshole was about to clock out, Dan went up to him, shook his fist, pointed his finger, and told him to sit down and shut up for once. Dan spoke rather harshly, to say the least, telling Larry, "Alright, you son of a bitch, you have 2 choices: a, you can admit that Vicki's baby is yours, and we can go back to normal, which means that it's possible that you might get laid by her again, if you're willing to kiss up to her for a time to make up for those terrible things that you said to her; or b, you can keep denying the paternity of the child, which means that I will have to step in, since the baby needs a father, and that will mean that you have to give up any chance of every fucking Vicki again, since only men get that privilege, and you will have proved that you're not one! What's it to be, scumbag?"

Larry was ashamed, but his fear of Helen still overwhelmed his sense of shame for being such a deadbeat. He simply said, "I can't do that, Dan, because Helen would divorce me in a second, and she would take me to the cleaners, so paying child support would be impossible, anyway, and I would end up being labelled a deadbeat dad." Dan was now angrier than ever at the cowardice of this man, so he used an even sterner tone, "Larry, this is your baby, man, so grow up and accept it! As for Helen, there are ways to keep enough of your assets, so that you could pay child support and still have enough left to live. There are lawyers, Larry, and you could just go to Reno, or some other place, for a quick, cheap divorce. Plus, her refusal to sleep with you could be grounds for annulment. There is no excuse, however, for neglecting your own child." At that, Dan stormed out.

By the terms of a mutual, but unwritten agreement between Dan and Vicki, they decided to tease Larry until he complied. The trouble was, it never worked, despite everything Vicki did to make Larry desire her again, because he would not back down from his determination to claim that it was not his kid. It got to the point that the whole office knew why Vicki was teasing him, and the knowledge only made her look the heroine, while everyone snubbed Larry. None of the other girls wanted to sleep with him anymore, if they ever had, and he was denied a raised that he had expected. Add to that bokep sma pecah perawan the continued teasing by Vicki, with her bending over often to reveal no undies covering her delicious ass, as well as the refusal of Helen to sleep with him at all, and Larry was a pretty miserable guy all of the sudden. 

To make it worse, Vicki would keep pointing to her belly, then to her cunt and ass, suggesting non-verbally that all he would have to do is publicly admit his responsibility and provide for his kid, and she would be willing to put out for him. After a while, it became such a strain, that Larry got an ulcer, turned so unpleasant that he got fired for making scenes at work, and then got drunk and wrecked his sedan, getting himself killed in the process. When the baby was born, Dan claimed it as his own, naming the boy Hector, and neither he nor Vicki ever told the child who his real father was; after all, Dan was the dad in every way that counted, and the truth would simply destroyed the kid.

Vicki thought it only right to thank Dan in some other way for being such a great husband, so she arranged a hot 4-way with her cutest co-workers, Terri and Julie, who were only too happy to get it on with this wonderful guy. When Dan got home from work that night, Vicki, who had taken a personal day for some unknown (to him) reason, was waiting with the girls, having put the kids to bed early. 

"Sweetheart," she told him, "Your /slave/love-slave/">love slave has a /surprise/">surprise for you! Here they are!" Terri and Julie jumped out of the closet, both of them naked, just like Vicki, and practically attacked Dan, telling him, "You are such a great man; if only our exes had been like you, but they were jerks, who would run around but never return the favor, and they would certainly have gotten upset with us, not Larry, in that situation!" They quickly undressed Dan, then each took up a spot, with Terri sitting on his face so he could eat her out, while Julie got straight to the business of fucking, shoving his dick up into her pussy.

Julie was such a wonderful slut that night, bouncing up and down on his cock, riding him like a bronco, as she came several times, and made certain that he came after a relatively short time. She loved the feeling of his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock inside her, telling Vicki as she fucked Dan, "Wow, why didn't you offer me your awesome hubby before? He's fucking going to kill me with pleasure!" Vicki only laughed in response, saying, "Well, I hoped that you would figure out that he was so fine yourself- all you had to do was ask, and I would have happily arranged this much earlier."

Terri, for her part, ground her cunt onto his face repeatedly, sliding back and forth as he ate her out. Soon, he was rimming her ass as well, sending her into outer space as far as she was concerned.
Vicki then said, "Hey, girls, don't hog him for yourselves! Let me get a little of my /master/">master's manhood!" With that, Julie got off of a recently ejaculating Dan, with Vicki putting him in her mouth to get him stiff ASAP. When he was hard enough, she put her pussy where Julie's had been, moving her voluptuous hips as she rode his pole.
He grabbed her cheeks and started fondling them as he thrust enthusiastically into her. Julie had positioned him on Dan's face as well, getting behind Terri to massage her labia and clit, while giving the guy a chance to eat 2 girls at once.

As Julie masturbated Terri and rubbed her pussy against her ass, Vicki then stuffed Dan's dick into her rectum, taking Dan into the hole she knew was his favorite. She began to rotate between /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy, sticking his penis into each, until, at last, Dan came into her ass. Not done just yet, she then switched places with Terri, allowing Julie to grope her. Terri got to feel Dan's cock tickle her tongue, until she finally decided it was time to straddle him. 

Terri continued riding Dan for half an hour, since his 3rd erection of the night came on a day when he had masturbated earlier, so he had less left to release. She thoroughly enjoyed the length of time it took him to cum, since it meant that she could have the feeling of a good-sized, albeit not enormous, phallus in her twat. Here was no premature ejaculator like her 1st boyfriend. He was in no hurry, and neither was she, as she wanted to prolong the excitement of a /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock inside her womanhood. When, finally, he came, it triggered an explosive orgasm in Terri, setting her off like a rocket! 

Vicki and Julie, meanwhile, were going insane from the delights of Dan's tongue, even as they kept rubbing against each other. The feel of Vicki's ass cheeks eventually got the better of Julie, and she came next, spraying Vicki's buns with her girl-juices. That set Vicki off, making her climax with loud moans and sighs that signalled a complete /orgasm/female-orgasm/">female orgasm for her. They both shot a little girl-cum into Dan's eager mouth, staining his teeth with juices. By now much fatigued, the /foursome/">foursome lay back on the bed, as Dan told Vicki, "That was the best way any woman could thank a man, dear! You are the /wife/best-wife/">best wife I imagine for myself." "What do you expect, master, being so sweet to me? I'll always show my appreciation and gratitude as well as I possibly can.", she responded, before they both dozed off to sleep.