Dans le Murs Part 3

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Dans le Murs Part 3

Dans le Murs ? Part III

Synopsis: Colin has been gripped by the lure of filmmaking with the JOKER organisation, has met and made love to the captivating Anne-Marie. Selection of students at l?ecole has been completed and a start is about to be made with the film. Now read on.

Part III - Filming Begins

After thanking all those involved we made our goodbyes to Claude-Yves and Anne-Marie and drove, via a nice little cafe, back to the studio. We had arranged that I should become a semi-permanent member of the organisation, subject to corporate approval, and take up a post on early retirement, which I would try and hasten. I agreed to return to the UK and work on the scripts while keeping in contact with Therese. This I did and between us we produced about half a million bytes of data. I was able to transmit the data to Lille using encrypted Email so that we were able to combine notes immediately. Some six weeks after the original meetings with Claude-Yves we were ready to begin. Now, in the middle of July, the weather was superb, ideal for the outdoor scenes, and we were anxious to proceed. I had obtained a sympathetic ear from my employers and, on 22 July, I set up my base in Beaumetz. I had by now purchased a small Peugeot as a runabout for the daily run to Lille. I was to be paid consultancy rates for the work that worked out at some 450 Euros per day, sans taxe and with some pretty impressive fringe benefits! The drive to Lille took nearly two hours as the result of two inebriated French drivers mixing it on the N41. I vowed to take the A26 in future despite the horrendous traffic problems on the peripherique interchange. The first couple of days were taken up in scheduling the scenes, taking into account availability of the girls.

This is something that simpler readers of porn seem blissfully unaware of. They assume that the girls are permanently available whereas, in /reality/">reality, we had to take account of their monthly cycles. In addition we had to make alternative plans in the event of inclement weather, however settled it was at the time. We proposed to have two units filming so our programme had to ensure maximum throughput with minimum overlap risk. We had to arrange lighting, tape and an adequate supply of condoms. There were a million and one things to arrange before we could start filming at the weekend. During this time, Therese explained to me the unique problems associated with porno filming. Rehearsals, for example, were not really practical for very obvious reasons and nature had many ways of fouling up what was considered to be a perfect schedule. Filming often had to be rearranged as girls became unavailable and generally it was a logistical nightmare. Nevertheless, after a degree of reorganising we came up with a programme for day one. Therese suggested that we started with a lightish load to allow the performers to acclimatise and to allow for things going wrong, as they inevitably would. Starting at 10:00 we would film the masturbation scene between Giles and Michelle followed by the first fuck scene between Phillipe and Madeleine. All being well these should be completed by 13:30 when we break for lunch and review. Then we thought that one of the Antoinne and Maud scenes should be next followed by a group meeting and discussion. Unfortunately Annette and Charlotte were reported to be unavailable for at least two days with the possibility of Madeleine dropping out on Monday. It was a nightmare but Therese took it very philosophically. She informed me that this was quite normal and it often took many weeks to organise a large cast. I stretched and looked at my watch. It was nearly eight and we had a heavy day to follow.

"Home James," I said with a grin, "its a big day tomorrow."
"Would you like one of these tablets to keep you going?" she asked waving a small, brown bottle under my nose.
"What are they?" I replied with a question, warning bells ringing loudly in my head.
"Stantontemil," she read off the label, "they are very good."
"Good at what?" I didnt like drugs.
"Give you energy, makes you think better." her eyes slid away from mine. "And?" I queried, sensing something she hadnt told me.
"And make you a little - you know - sexy." she grinned.

"Ill try one then," I grabbed a mug of chilled water and held out my hand, "but youd better be prepared for the consequences."
She dropped a tiny pink pill into my hand and I downed it easily. We returned to our plans and, after about ten minutes, I did indeed feel the weariness falling away. At the same time a prickling warmth began to pervade my loins and I found myself with a stout erection. In addition I felt slightly light headed as if Id had a couple of glasses of red wine. I realised that I would not be driving for a while.
"Good tablets these," I turned to her, "theyve given me a super hard-on."
"Oh dear," she giggled, "you are very susceptible to them then."

Therese moved slightly away from me then turned as she obviously considered something. "Shall I relieve you before you leave?"
It was like a bombshell as she said it in a totally matter of fact way, there was no embellishment for Therese was a very practical lady.
I thought for a moment. "Life is full of missed opportunities, lets not create another." I made a great play of considering her statement, but not too long so as to make her think that she didnt have anything to offer, which she most certainly did. I have not described Therese. She was a ravishing redhead, not unlike a young Rula Lenska with a voluptuous body to match. She gave her age as thirty two but looked younger. I had seen her perform but never seen her, so to speak, and had certainly never handled the goods. With genuine warmth in my voice I accepted her offer. "How can I resist such an unexpected but welcome offer," I simpered, "Anyway, if you could see the size of this you would know that I need a good servicing."

She smiled with devastating effect. "You have been a perfect gentleman," she informed me, "I know it must be very difficult for you and I have seen how you have got hard sometimes but you have never tried to touch me. I feel I must reward you, and I did give you the tablets."
I felt like that as well. All this erotic conversation had served only to heighten my desire and my penis, throbbing and stiff, was dribbling profusely in my groin. Previously I had masturbated when I reached home, at least this evening I should leave with a soft cock. Therese slid off her chair and turned the key in the door.

"Now we will not be disturbed," she said as she draped herself in the leather chair, "while I tell you about myself and do what I intend to do. I do not fuck. I have only been fucked once, that was by my brothers friend. It hurt, it was pathetic and I do not want to catch AIDS or get pregnant. I use my hands, my breasts or my mouth. I like to see the action and what the man is producing. Those are my terms, if you dont like them then there is the key, you can take Jaqueline home, I know she will permit you to perform between her thighs."
"Follow that," I thought, and then out loud, "I completely understand, Therese. I accept your terms; I have none of my own. For my part I dont mind if I come in a vagina, a hand, a mouth or between a pair of tits just so long as I come. So lets get started. Get to work on this and get some of my spunk out before it bursts and wastes it all." I had opened my fly and pulled out my penis. It was iron hard, curved and dribbling. She looked at the powerful shaft, the head glistening and the body throbbing with desire. Her tongue swept over her lips. "Therese," I growled, gripping the stiffness and pointing it towards her so that the leaking opening faced her, "put this into your mouth and suck it up, Ive got a cockful for you."

She took off her blouse and I helped her remove the tiny bra. Her full breasts were topped with two brown nipples, very erect and protruding. She knelt down in front of me putting her face on a level with my pulsating meat. Replacing my hand with hers she pulled the hardness down until she could stroke the tip with her tongue. She lapped eagerly at the throbbing head slicking the copious juices over the purple swelling and tasting the sharpness of them as she swirled. Dipping her head she nibbled at the helmet, drawing even more of the licentious fluid from me. As her head moved away slightly so that she could take breath I could see thin streamers joining us as she licked her lips clean. Her fingers strayed to my tight testicles as her mouth closed over the monster head. With agonising slowness she drove down onto the shaft, sucking gently as it went deeper into her throat, until she had most of it in her. She slid up again combining friction with suction. Up and down went her bobbing head, twisting and turning as she did. Some work on the now puddling head was followed by a long, slow sucking session. Her hand gently massaged my balls as the semen bubbled and frothed inside.

"Oh, Therese," I gasped, thrusting my ample proportions against her face, "I cant hold it, Im going to shoot."
She took it out of her mouth, her eyes shining like her full lips. She continued to masturbate me in the peculiar way that girls do, with her forefinger stroking the glans as she rubbed.
"Come, please." she pleaded as she looked into my eyes.

Her sensuous ministrations were having a definite effect on me. Her left hand strayed to my balls as they rose up in preparation for firing off.
"Oh, Therese," I squealed, heaving my loins up to her, "oh God, its here, Im going to shoot!"
I thrust upwards as the feeling surged towards the peak. Her busy hand and fingers maintained contact and continued to stroke me. I watched as the tip wetted her fingers even more as the crisis rapidly approached. She keenly observed the little hole, eagerly awaiting the eruption of the volcanic froth. She was not to wait long. As her long fingers stroked sinuously over the tingling tip the sensations galloped to a peak and a gout of my hot come spouted from the knob and cascaded down over the smooth skin to be stopped by her hand under the head. It puddled over the bulb as she quickly drew me to her and sucked the bubbling semen from the stalk. As I shot it out she bobbed her head to lap it up, globules of grey clung to her cheeks as the force of the ejaculation projected my come upwards to meet her. As the pulsating flow eased she swirled the piquant fluid around her tongue, savouring the delicious flavour before her supply stopped. With a groan and a thrust I poured forth a final surge before relaxing, my essence spent. The tension rolled away as the shaft began to soften in her hand. She had caught most of my eruption in her mouth but some had dripped, silkily onto her breasts where it glistened in shimmering droplets. Therese brushed the drooping penis around her lips for the last time before wiping it clean and letting it go.

"Merci bien, Therese." I whispered.
"Je vous en prie." she replied pertly as she cleaned the semen from her delightful tits before hooking her bra back on. In moments all evidence of our debauchery were gone and it was business as usual. The drive home seemed shorter than usual and I slept like a babe and awoke very refreshed in the morning.
After a shower I dressed casually and set of for our location. The weather was hot and clear and the roads were busy. Nevertheless I made good time and arrived at l?Ecole San Sebastian by the direct route in less than one hundred minutes. As I arrived I saw Pierre driving ahead of me and sounded my klaxon which he acknowledged. We joined up and made our way to Claud-Yves office. He welcomed us with a glass of Bordeaux St Emillion 82, advised us all was ready and we were to go ahead as planned. He would be out all day but would see us before we left. As we left for the woodland we were joined by Anne-Marie and young black girl who she introduced as Anna-Lise. Anna-Lise, she told us, was innocent and wanted to experience a little life. She whispered to me that Anna-Lise was willing to try almost anything and that she might even be prepared to go bareback.

She appeared Senegalese with some Arab influence but she was a looker and I fancied some fun with her. I found myself between the two girls as we walked down the leafy path. Pierre seemed unaffected by the suggestions; I think he had other ideas for the day. At least he didnt deny me my pleasures. We had chosen a small grove in the woodland for the first scene, surrounded by hazel and silver birch with a floor of soft grass and bracken. Here we would film the first, tentative sexual approaches ending up with Michelle masturbating Giles at least once and, hopefully, twice. The crew were already there and they were carefully setting up the equipment without damaging the environment. It was intended that the film would be dubbed except for the actual masturbation as the spontaneous sexual sounds are difficult to voice over. I sat my two girls down while Pierre and I discussed the scene with the crew during which Therese strolled in. She smiled at me and licked her lips. I blushed. The three of us then found Giles and Michelle being made up and discussed the details with them. They had studied the scene for a while and were aware of what was needed but we felt we had to clarify the details.

"If you feel something coming too soon then signal Michelle to stop." Therese said to Giles. He nodded.
"And Michelle," she turned to the little girl, "dont be too eager, we need the scene to last at least fifteen minutes; and stop IMMEDIATELY if he tells you to, is that clear."
"Quite clear, madame." she acknowledged.
Therese smiled kindly at both of them. "Dont worry," she ruffled their hair, "we understand that things can go wrong, if its all over too soon then well have to wait and do it again. I shouldnt think Giles will care too much. O.K., lets get started."

After a few moments the cameras began to turn and we began shooting the first scene. Giles and Michelle strolled into the clearing and sat down. The talked and it was obvious that Giles was pleading with Michelle and, after a few moments refusal finally agreed to his request. Looking very demure, almost guilty, she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Then she turned her back to him and allowed him to unhook the tiny bra. Holding stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv the cups to her tits she turned to face him again then removed her hands taking the filmy material with white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie them. Giles looked passionately at the tiny mounds in front of him then slowly unzipped his fly and pulled out his adequate erection. Michelle looked at the rampant organ as the camera zoomed in to get a close up of it. Giles then pointed to her groin but she shook her head and continued to refuse him a glimpse of the vulva. Giles put his hand round his knob and sensuously stroked it.

He took hold of Michelles hand and put it onto his cock. She drew away. He repeated it until she decided to hold it in her fingers. Giles opened his fly fully so that his balls and pubic hair were fully in view and then pulled her hand up and down. After a few moments she got the idea and masturbated him gently if not expertly. Pierre indicated to us that the microphones were now live and picking up the "oohs" and "aahs" as Giles headed for his climax. The two cameras moved to pick up the best angles; we could see the shots on the monitor screens. Under Thereses expert direction they were getting some very erotic poses. She also recognised the signs of the impending ejaculation. She signalled the cameras to take up prescribed positions and we saw one focus on the hand action and one move between the two faces and a long shot of the young couple. Giles was sitting on the ground, his legs slightly apart and his knees slightly bent while Michelle crouched to his right briskly rubbing him in her right hand. This gave us a contour of her growing curves. We all heard Giles cries become more animated and he fidgeted. Suddenly he squealed, "Oh, ma cherie!" and thrust his thighs against her shuttling fingers. There was certainly no mistaking his condition. A mighty streamer of whitish fluid spurted from the tip of his penis and lay along the ground. It was followed by two further productive jets then by a series of erratic gushes that pumped pulses of glutinous come over Michelles fingers and onto the reddened shaft. How I envied the young for their capacity to shoot. She slowed at his signal and then stopped and removed her slippery hand. His prick gave a twitch and a final little pearl of sperm appeared out of the hole and /hung/">hung on the curving head. He wiped it off with a handkerchief while Michelle cleaned the slime from her fingers.
"Cut," shouted Therese, "that was fine. Thanks you two, now go get washed up. Lets get to the first intercourse scene."

They moved away towards a new spot where Phillipe and Madeleine would be performing. It was then that I saw Anna-Lise squeezing her hand between her thighs. I went over to her looking for Anne-Marie but she had vanished for the moment. I slipped my arm around her shoulders, took her hand which was now out of her groin, and pressed it against my hardness. She started as she touched the size of my swollen meat. Seeing that nobody was watching I took her hand and pulled her into the woods. She trotted behind me like a little puppy through the grass until we were about two hundred metres away from the filming. Now I would find out how willing she was. After watching Giles and Michelle I was randy and needed a shoot off, I wasnt too bothered whether it was vagina or mouth but I needed more than a hand job. We stopped and flopped down on the ground. It was so soft and quiet; all I could hear were the birds and a light breeze through the leaves. Once more I guided her hand to my rampant cock and, for my part, I stroked the small but thrusting breasts under her blouse.