My best firends girlfriend and sister

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My best firends girlfriend and sister

My name is Brian. This story took place lat week and it is an event I will never forget. It all started when i came home from /college/">college for the weekend and decided to visit my /friend/best-friend/">best friend from back home. When I lived at home we would always just walk into each others houses without knocking on the door or anything, but this time Im especially glad i did not knock. I drove over to my friends house to sureprise him because he had no clue i was comming home for the weekend. When I pulled up to his driveway I saw only one car, and it was one I had never seen before. I just thought he had gotten a new car and thought nothing else of it. I parked my car and went into the garage.

I opened the door into the house and looked around, nobody wa s there. I figured he must be up in his room watching a movie or somethin. I went through the kitchen and walked up the stairs. Then i made my way down the hallway to his room, trying to be quiet so i coul /surprise/">surprise him. When I got to his room his door was shut so i figured i would just throwit open and scare the shit out of him. What happened next made the weekend of my life.
To my amazement I saw my xxx sex video download free com best friends /girlfriend/">girlfriend lying naked on the bed with my best friends /sister/">sister hovering over her naked sucking on her beautiful breasts and quickly moving two fingers in and out of a pussy I had only dreampt about since high school.

Here is a little background. My friedns girlfriend used to have a crush on me senior year of highschool. She was and still is a knockout. perfect measurements, 36-25-34, long black hair and eyes that you just cant stop looking at. I was going to ask her out but her friends had sexxxx video ful hd set her up with my best friend and they have been dating ever since. My best friends sister is just as hot as his girlfriend, except she is 3 years older, a sexual encounter I could only have in my dreams.
Anyway, when the door banged up against the wall they immediately both froze and turned and look to see who had just caught them. I turned my back to them but it was too late, "Bran what are you doing?" I told them I was just here to visit my friend and that I was sorry and I wouldnt tell anybody about this, who would believe me anyway. They said that my friend was at work for the whole day and I told them I would just go visit him there and appologized again as I started walking out.

"Wait!" My friends sister shouted. "Why the rush?" Could this be what I think it is. "Yeah, why dont you stay fo a bit, we could use a third" his girlfriend said. They both got up off th bed and walked over to me. My friends sister shut the door and locked it and then they both took each one of my hands and led me over to the foot of the bed. "I dont know if you know this, but I have always had a crush on you" said my friends girlfriend. My dick was as hard as a rock by now. My friends sister had begun taking off my shoes and socks and my friends girlfriend was taking off my shirt. After she got my shirt off she said "I have always wanted to do this" and she began to kiss me. Her warm, soft tongue parted my lips slowly and began to massage mine. As she was giving me one of the best kisses I have ever experienced my friends sister unzipped my pants and pulled them and my boxer to the floor in one fell swoop, after she got past a hangup with my memeber which was as hard as a piece of steel. With ,my friends girlfriend still kissing me, I could not see what my friends sister was doing, which made this experience even better. The next thing I knew, I felt a soft hand around my penis and some warm air being blown on the tip. She started to lick the precum that covered the head and slowly began to take me in her mouth. Well needless to say I couldnt take more than 5 minutes of this and i blew a load straigh into her mouth, I thought she took it all, but when my kiss broke with the girlfriend i saw that she had some of me on her beautiful chest and a little on her lips.

My friends girlfriend then sucked every last drop off her chest and then kissed her, romving the remainder that was on her lips. Now my friends girlfriend laid me back on the bed and started sucking my cock to get me hard again, in just a minute I was back at attention and ready to go. This was a moment I had dreamed about. She hovered her gourgeous body over my penis and looked me right in the eyes. She grabbed my dick as she straddled me and slowly lowered her self. Just the touching of my head to her soacking pussy was sheer exstacy. She slowly lowered herself, she was so warm and tight. I felt a little resistance about half way down and she was moaning in pain a little, but she kept going, no I couldnt have just done that, I thought to myself. Her tight pussy had now completely taken me in and she sat there just for a second looking at me, and maybe preparing her self. I grabbed her hips and she slowly started moving up and down, moaning in pain and pleasure, but soon the moans turned to plaesure. I had completely forgotten about my friends sister at this point, but i heard a soft humming sound and just as I had tought, there she was on the corner of the bed pleasuring herself to the sight of this with a /vibrator/">vibrator. We started to move more rapidly, are hips meeting eachother, she started to get louderin her moans, almost screaming a little. "Im cumming, Im cumming!" She started saying, and by the looks of it my friends sister was too.

After another minute we all came in one wild moment of exstacy. My friends girlfriend then collapsed on me and we began to make out for another 10 minutes or so until we all got dressed and went to visit my best friend at work. He still never found out, event until this day.