An Integrated Project Funded by the European Commission under the Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems Thematic Priority Area.
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Contract Number: 018320
Project Cordinator: Dr. Theo van den Hoven KIWA Water Research
Project Duration: 1st January 2006 to 31st December 2010

WA8 'Dissemination and Training'


To bridge the gap between science and practice a balanced flow through all stations in the knowledge cycle, as depicted below, is required. The previous Work Areas have described the goals and ambitions, knowledge needs and the creation of new knowledge. This Work Area addresses the implementation of knowledge through dissemination and training as well as the exploitation of knowledge.


TECHNEAU considers the dissemination process as a mutual challenge for both the TECHNEAU consortium and for the different stakeholders. Only through a strong cooperation between researchers and end-users the knowledge can be thoroughly evaluated (station 6) so that project goals and knowledge needs (station 1 and 2) can be adjusted. The adoption of the knowledge cycle will contribute to a successful step-change in the water industry.




To achieve a balanced flow through the knowledge cycle the TECHNEAU Knowledge Dissemination and Exploitation team (KnowDET) is set up. Dissemination and training will be done through various instruments. Regional Technology Platforms will be set up for regular face-to-face consultation and knowledge transfer to operators, regulators, scientific institutions and technology suppliers. A TECHNEAU web site, web based knowledge systems, newsletters and conferences will support the communication remote with stakeholders. The web site will also contain the TECHNEAU Selection Manager (TSM) that will enable users to match local conditions and requirements for a water supply to available technologies. The dissemination strategy, which includes training sessions, will make use of existing communication channels (IHE, IWA) and regional education network such as BALTECH for the Baltic States.